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Obesity can be described as excessive accumulation of fat in the body which poses a problem for the victim of the humiliating disorder. Obesity is a menace which seems to be bringing more and more number of people under its umbrella. The obesity symptoms are not restricted to any one geographical region, age, gender or race. It carries an intense risk factor for several life-threatening diseases like those related to the heart, malignant cancer and diabetes and not a cosmetic implication alone. True, certain amount of fat is essential to act as an insulator, shock absorber and energy storage but an abnormal weight gain is considered injurious. The ungainly obesity has spiraled among children lately. In the United States every third person is overweight! The problem has attained the stature of an epidemic in the nation. Obesity is measured in terms of BMI (Body Mass Index). Obesity is the distribution of the fat over different parts of the body, such as waist-hip ratio and body weight percentage. The standard BMI calculator is used to deduce the category of obesity of an individual.

Obesity Symptoms

BMI is calculated keeping the age, sex, weight and height of an individual in mind. It helps to determine whether the person is underweight, obese or simply overweight. The universally accepted BMI calculator is the person's weight divided by the square of his height.

Causes of obesity

Basically, calorie intake in excessive amount and lack of physical exercises causes obesity. The increasing tendency of relying on 'fast food' is proving hazardous.

Childhood obesity

Weight gain is a serious condition where excessive body weight adversely affects the well-being of the growing child. Children today have developed the bad habit of consuming food stuffs that have little nutritive value. They gorge themselves with tidbits with high calorific value. This leads to a high BMI and childhood obesity. Once a youngster accumulates the extra fat, it becomes very difficult to shed it off. We, as adults should encourage youth to use calorie counter to keep a check on their dietary pattern.


Obesity has serious implications on the overall health of a person. It is known to lower life expectancy, affecting the heart and glucose level. It also gives impetus to growth of cancerous cells, sleep disturbances, hypertension and osteoarthritis. Obesity has been found to ramp up mortality and morbidity rate. In fact, it is the largest preventable disease that people die of. Obesity symptoms also have a direct relation with activity - mental and physical, of a person. An obese person is lethargic and mentally dull as compared to anyone whose BMI is ideal.


Management - Being overweight or obese is not a sign of good mental or physical health. Prevent it at the onset. Be active, exercise regularly, walk or use a bicycle to commute. Participate in outdoor games, hikes, swimming and lead a healthy life.

Diet - By using a calorie counter, you can calculate the number of calories taken and decide what foodstuffs to avoid. Eat more of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, chicken and fish and stay off everything that may seem delicious and tempting but is actually harmful.

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