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High Blood Pressure Symptoms or High blood pressure

The mounting everyday grind of life has added to the incidence of high blood pressure (HBP) throughout the world. One in every three adult is United States is in the grip of HBP. This condition is also called hypertension and is a chronic medical one which is brought about when the rate of the blood being pumped out from the heart is elevated.

Cause of High blood pressure

The exact causes for high blood pressure may remain obscure for years and continue their damaging effect unabated. It is a heritable ailment. By itself it is rarely fatal nor does it need hospitalization, but high blood pressure gradually undermines the victim's health. In an adult the normal blood pressure is 120/80. It is stated as diastolic and systolic. The former is felt between each heartbeat and the latter when the blood is pumped out with every beat.

PATHOGENESIS of High blood pressure

Cases of high blood pressure can be categorized as:
Primary - when the medical cause is unknown. Majority of the people (90-95%) suffer from this type.
Secondary - when the cause is known, such as resulting from chronic kidney or thyroid diseases, faulty breathing pattern during sleep.

CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS of High blood pressure

Risks of high blood pressure

Blood pressure that is consistently high is dangerous for the entire body. It can lead to stroke, heart attack, kidney or heart failure. Life expectancy is reduced and the patient has to make several adjustments in his lifestyle and diet. High blood pressure treatment can set things right if given on time.

Causes for high blood pressure

Reasons for the development of high blood pressure are obscure. Sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol intake, stress, obesity, deficiency of vitamin D and ageing may result in HBP. Causes for high blood pressure can be traced to the human genes, mental or physical over exertion and faulty diet.

Diagnosing high blood pressure

Correct diagnosis must be carried out before deciding on the high blood pressure treatment. Diagnosis in this case is not a 'one-time' job or restricted to simple laboratory analysis. Instead, a number of readings have to be taken at different times of the day to deduce a mean one. The patient is put on high blood pressure medication according to the cause, age and severity of the case.

High blood pressure symptoms

Symptoms experienced may vary from one individual to another depending on the body chemistry, age, severity, sex and routine but a definite pattern can observed. Usually high blood pressure symptoms are a combination of several of the following:

  • Headache, drowsiness, fatigue
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Internal problems relating to heart, kidney, blood vessels, eyes and other organs
  • Bleeding from the nose, facial paralysis

Blood pressure symptoms will not manifest themselves if the case is not too acute or when the patient adapts to the raised pressure.

Prevention of high blood pressure

Prevention consists of altering the diet, exercise regime, stress level, reduction of weight, alcohol, tobacco intake.

High Blood Pressure Treatment

This is a lifelong process and needs constant monitoring and adjustment. High Blood Pressure Treatment is to be stalled and preventing the illness is to be paid greater attention to.

Blood pressure medication

It is possible to only bring about an improvement in the blood pressure through proper diet and physical activity. One can control rather than cure it. Medicines prove to be insufficient and ineffectual.

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