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Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer is the one which originates in the inner lining of the tissues of the ducts carrying the milk or the lobules that supply the milk in the mammary glands of women. The male breast cancer occurs rarely but is not unknown. The estimation of its harm to the body and the chances of the patient surviving the illness largely depend upon the stage and type of cancer. Even with the best of the breast cancer treatment, the rate is highly unpredictable.


The uncontrolled growth of cells in the breast occurs as a result of mutation or the changes in the genes of the victim, forming a malignant or benign tumor. The former type if left unchecked, have the potential to spread their fangs to the nearby parts of the body. Usually when breast cancer is spoken of, it refers to the malignant kind. In majority of the cases, the malady results due to aging or the general wear-and-tear.

Breast Cancer Chemo

Breast cancer symptoms appear with the discovery of a lump, cyst or a breast mass. A mammogram is the initial test conducted to detect cancer. Indication of the problem includes breast pain, nipple discharge and breast inflammation and nipple inversion, tingling, burning and itching. Breast pain alone is insufficient conclusion of cancer. Often breast cancer metastasis occurs. This is the spread of cancer at other than the original location. Breast cancer metastasis causes symptoms depending on the location, which can be liver, bones, lungs or brain. Breast cancer is not restricted to any age.


Breast cancer diagnosis comprises of non-invasive examination, MRI, obtaining a mammogram and other excision biopsy techniques. However, a biopsy of breast is the most conclusive way to ascertain whether a lump is an ordinary cyst or is cancerous. In the event of lurking uncertainties, Fine Needle Aspiration and Cytology (FNAC) is the ultimate in breast cancer diagnosis. The fine needle aspiration is carried out under local anesthesia to draw a sample of the fluid from the breast mass. A clear fluid is considered safe but blood in it indicates more hazardous, requiring urgent medical attention. Nipple discharge, other than milk, can spell danger. Breast cancer lymph nodes that spread to the armpits of the patient are positive or negative depending upon the presence of cancerous cells. The knowledge of how the breast cancer lymph nodes have been affected helps to decide upon the appropriate treatment.

TREATMENT of Brest Cancer

Breast cancer symptoms are observable in persons with higher levels of hormones, women who have not experienced child birth or breast-fed infants. Breast cancer treatment includes radiation, chemotherapy, medication or surgery. Prevention can include maintenance of weight, breast-feeding, being physically active and right sort of diet and reduction of alcohol consumption. A sure breast cancer treatment is surgery followed by breast cancer chemo. Radiation of breast cancer helps by fending off any possibility of re-occurrence. Signs of male breast cancer are lumps just below the nipples and are visible in men between 60-70 years of age. A biopsy of breast will confirm doubts, if any. Brest cancer treatment lays down the guidelines for medication to be given. Together with breast cancer chemo and radiation of breast cancer, antibiotics and hormonal blocking medicines can set the problem right quickly.

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